Are Hummers worth it in the Philippines?

by Admin

Posted on 2018-12-12

Ah, Hummer. One of the most overrated pieces of equipment in the world. It was considered a failure after the H2 came out because only idiots and rap artists bought one; it cast a bad light on the vehicle.


And those things weren’t cheap either and they had an equally bad price to start with and not only were they too overpriced, they didn’t offer things that their competitors had at a lower price.


The only main selling point of that ridiculous truck was that it had about 12 to 14 inches of ground clearance. That’s less than the Hummer H1 (which was the best model a civilian could buy until the military started selling actual Humvees).


Yes, you read that right, Kapamilyas and Kapusos. You can buy an actual military Humvee through GovPlanet but only if you live in the country it was made in – America. Here in the Philippines, it’s literally impossible for you to buy a Humvee because they’re still in service so the best you can do is get a Hummer.


But a Hummer is always going to be used and no one can buy a brand new one because the factory went bust in 2009, 9 years ago. And if you look at prices of used ones, you’ll get yourself a heart attack knowing that they sell for around PHP 5 Million to PHP 10 Million.


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And that’s for a used truck. Yes, they are better than any Land Cruiser out there and definitely full of pomp and pizzazz but seriously? I’d rather buy a brand new Toyota Fortuner or Mitsubishi Montero Sport for that amount of money.


Also, a Humvee is 6 feet tall and 7 feet wide and so’s this thing. In my mind, maybe someone from the Philippines should buy Hummer from AM General and sell them here for a profit. And a cheaper price.


I’d gladly buy one.


Reference: The Hummer H1 Launch Edition is the most badass way to waste gas Only 12 will be built this year