Driving While Impaired and Under the Influence

by Admin

Posted on 2019-01-09

These are serious offenses when driving and can land you a hefty fine, jail time or both. At least, IF you get caught. Philippine law enforcement haven’t really been held high in the enforcement of local laws and strictures because they are equally guilty of doing it.


I saw a cop car here in Cebu zigzagging once a long while back when I was still a wee lad. I don’t know if it still happens now, however.


But anyway, DUI and DWI is not good for the road. I make sure that when I hang out with friends, I don’t drink to excess (yes, I do drink, who doesn’t?) but the problem with most people is that they drink more than the limit.


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Since the Philippines doesn’t really have a limit to how much alcohol is in the body, I shall base it off of the US limit which is 0.08 grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Breathalyzers will confirm this if there are. Also, a field sobriety test may be required if the officer feels it necessary.


Drinking is fun but when you drink and drive, you are now a pest to society albeit a temporary pest. I nearly lost my life because someone swerved into my lane but thankfully, they came back to their lane. But you can imagine the level of rage I had not to mention slamming the brakes and leaning on the horn.


Drive safely AND responsibly.


Driving While Impaired or DWI means that the person is either transporting a baby or are under the influence of a substance, like meth or crack or heroin. This is a more serious offense (as it can get you shot if caught with drugs) but anything else may land you in jail or a hefty fine or both.


When driving with kids, make sure you have a child seat fastened to the back or you may get pulled over (a rare occurrence in the Philippines).


Nevertheless, drink only a small amount of alcohol before driving and don’t do drugs.


Reference: The Dangers of Drinking and Driving