Move! Get out de wey! I got da right of way!

by Admin

Posted on 2018-10-03

We’ve all gone through this while driving in the Philippines. Everyone’s in a hurry to go somewhere so even if it isn’t the right of way of the other car, they insist that it’s theirs. The typical "pasaway" attitude is to be selfish and let no one through but yourself.


Well, listen up and pay attention cause if you want the Philippines to be a 1st world country, start with your driving and be respectful.


For starters, let’s say you’re driving towards a T-junction and someone is about to turn right or left into your lane thus obstructing you. The general rule is, when you’re going into someone else’s road, you YIELD and let them pass first then you can make your turn.


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Some Filipinos think that, once they’ve signaled or mentally clamed a part of the road (motorcycles who just look in the direction?), it’s automatically their lane and that’s just wrong. Be a responsible driver.


Also, when coming across a 4-way junction, if both cars come together simultaneously, it is standard practice and road courtesy to let the car on the right have the right of way and the car on the left must yield.


Some Pinoy drivers just avoid this buy accelerating and shoving their noses in first and play chicken to see if you’ll stop; taunting them to hit you. I admit that sometimes, in that situation, I play their game and sometimes, I apply long pressure to the horn. That’s what it’s for.


And when doing a U-turn, please, for the love of all things holy, don’t do it when someone’s about to pass you and they’ll slam on their brakes. Wait for all vehicles to pass by or unless someone gives you the lane, whichever comes first.


Jeepneys and taxis are good at this, they don’t look; just do a “u-ey”.


Reference: Right-of-way