RICErs And Useless Mods

by Admin

Posted on 2019-01-16

Nako nanamaaaaan. Itong mga pasaway ‘to. These are the people who like to make useless and pointless mods not to mention non-functional. These guys are RICEr’s or Radically Immature Car Enthusiast. They can be found mostly on old Honda Civic hatchbacks and Toyota Corolla’s but any car can be riced.


One of the most useless mods ever – and the pinnacle of ricers – is the fart cannon a.k.a. the exhaust pipe. Have you heard of or seen a vehicle with a huge, gaping and overly-large exhaust pipe sticking out of a car’s butt? Nine times out of ten, the owner’s a ricer and if anything, they only produce nothing but noise and law enforcement should crack down on that stuff. The same goes for motorcycles.


Stop pretending you’re fast just cause you have loud and/or straight pipes.


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Another one is unnecessary body kits. Spoilers, front and rear bumpers and side skirts. I understand that they make the car look nicer but they don’t necessarily increase performance. If anything, they’ll decrease performance cause the car was meant to carry nothing but it’s own specified factory weight.


Steering wheels are another favorite. This is something that must be taken seriously by everyone and not just law enforcement. It’s an extreme hazard especially when there’s a front collision and don’t come at me with this “bahala na” attitude. Take your life seriously and keep the original steering wheel in there. You know, the one with airbags in it?


Rims. Unless your car is a REAL sports car with a V-8, V-10 or V-12 under the hood and unless you have 18-inch ceramic brakes, don’t bother putting oversized rims on your car. They look stupid and they’ll destroy the shocks faster and the ride won’t be as comfy. The reason is because the rubber of the tires absorbs a lot of the impact and the remaining is absorbed by the shocks.


Underchassis lights. Yes, they were cool when 2Fast 2Furious came out but nowadays, they’re a distraction and a road hazard.


Reference: The 10 Best Car Mods You Can Do Yourself