Roaring Rio

by Admin

Posted on 2018-11-07

Kia has been making headlines in the past 8 years. Well, so have Hyundai but you know what I mean. And the Rio is one of the models that stands out. It looks good and feels the same to drive.


‘Specially now that it’s been turned into a hatchback. It’s great for folks who want to get started or for single parents or newly weds or even as a small, economical delivery vehicle.


Yes, I know, everyone wants an SUV, but let’s be realistic here. IDP is between fifty and a hundred grand and your monthly is around thirty to forty grand so you should forget those 4x4s.


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Besides, the Rio is not without the latest bits of kit. It’s got a bit of a bit of a body, which makes for an excellent looker on a budget. And this thing is equipped with most things you need.


Standard are 6 – count them – 6 cupholders for your drinking needs and optional are a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that has GPS and some say it has a rear camera and proximity sensors but they’re generally for higher end models.


Be advised, however, that this car has more blind spots than cupholders: 8; the A pillars at 11 and 8 degrees, B pillars at 23 and 11 degrees, C pillars at 1 and 1 degree and D pillars at 10 and 15 degrees. (All measurements taken from the driver’s seat on a left- hand-drive 2018 Kia Rio).


Who’d have thought that a sedan needed D pillars?


Driving isn’t that bad, though, because it’s got 6 engines to choose from, one of them diesel and 4 gearboxes, though I recommend the  speed auto for comfort. It’s not that jerky, actually.


All engines provide just enough power to get past those pesky, slow-driving trucks and even some RICER sedans who think they’re faster than everyone else because they have a loud fart cannon.


It’s available for only PHP 746,000 to 975,000, too. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Reference: Kia Rio