Soaring Sorento

by Admin

Posted on 2018-10-10

The Kia Sorento is a strange vehicle. It’s a 5-seater in most configurations but if you were rich enough to order or buy the optional extras, there is a hidden compartment where the extra 2 seats fold upwards for extra passenger space.


If I’m honest, the current 3 rd generation of Sorento’s don’t look as good as the 2 nd generation of them; I like the boxy, military-ish look of the 2 nd generation. The new 2018 model looks like a Jag, though, so Jaguar fans, this might be a cheaper option.

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The Sorento has many features usually found only on European brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi and even Aston Martin or Maserati. Ever have a relatively high quality back-up camera on something most people consider “a cheap, unreliable Kia”?


Quality has been significantly improved in all Kia’s since the late 2000’s and results are evident: it’s got 2 front seats that move backwards, forwards, upwards or downwards at the push of a button and even has a multi-purpose touchscreen infotainment system found on most European marques.


If you chose the 3.3L V-6, you’re in for a surprise cause this thing can actually challenge and pass anything short of a dedicated sports car. But most models in 2018 come with a 2.2L diesel, so you’ll have to spend more for the V-6. It’s also got a 500mm fording capability.


It also has a 25 degree approach angle and 23 departure which makes it not that good but not that bad either at off-roading because breakovers angles are at 15-17 degrees but better that than nothing.


It’s got dual-zone climate controls, push start/stop, keyless entry, and a whole bunch of other things you could only dream of. Bluetooth connectivity and SATNAV? Yeah, it’s in there. 360-view, Smart Park, Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic are all in there too if you buy the higher end models.


And all of this for only PHP 1,890,000?


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