Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register in

  1. Dealerships and companies that sell used & surplus vehicles
    • Unlimited posting
    • FREE First 6 months subscription
  2. Private Sellers
    • FREE
    • Up to 3 vehicle ads
  3. Member - Buyers/Seekers
    • Can see the complete contact details of sellers
    • Cannot post vehicles ads

What are the requirements for account validation?

Your vehicle ads won’t be published in unless your seller’s account gets validated by a representative. In order to proceed with the validation, the following requirements need to be uploaded using your seller’s dashboard under “Requirements”. This is to ensure that only legit dealers get to post their vehicle ads in to protect buyers from bogus sellers.

  1. For companies:
    • Business Permit
    • TIN
    • Government-issued ID
    • Bank Deposit Slip (for paid accounts)
  2. For private sellers:
    • Government-issued ID

Will I still be able to contact the seller directly even if I’m not a registered member of

Yes. You can use the Contact Seller Form found at the vehicle page. However, we still encourage users to register in order to view the complete contact details of the seller.

Will I be able to monitor my seller’s page views and my vehicle page views?

Absolutely! You can see real-time reports of your Dealer’s Page views and check your Top 5 most viewed vehicles in your listings using your dashboard. Simply go to “Reports”.

I would like to share in Facebook a vehicle ad that I found in, what's the easiest way to do it?

Simple click on the Share Button found at the left side of the page. You can share it in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, or email it directly to your friends.

How much do I need to pay if I register as a company?

To get a copy of our pricing plans and packages, click here.

Is limited only for Cebu sellers/dealers?

No, is open to all legit dealers and private sellers in the Philippines.

Why is there a Japanese version of

For market expansion. There are a number of expats/immigrants from Japan in the Philippines who are also interested to buy used and surplus cars. This increases the chance of dealers to sell their vehicles like hotcakes!

Who can avail of the 6-month free subscription?

Any legit company/dealership that sells used and/or surplus vehicles can avail of the 6-month free subscription. Promo is valid from May 2014 to November 2014 only.

If you are interested to post your ads online, simply talk to us via live chat at or use our contact form You can also call us directly at these numbers: (032) 236-9892/ (032) 266-7645

Do you charge commissions or finder’s fee for every vehicle sold using

No, we don’t charge any commission or require a finder’s fee. Generating quality leads for our sellers is our job.

How do I become a Featured Seller and/or have my vehicles as featured vehicles in

Please check our Pricing Plans and Packages. Click here.

I unintentionally registered my account as a Member rather as a private seller, how can I switch my account from Member to Private Seller?

Please contact us directly via Live Chat or Contact Form and we will fix the issue for you. Lead time is 24 hours upon receipt of your request.