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Needs Rainy Dance!
We are going to let your car preserve its beauty and maintain the beauty for long lasting years.

The technique of the professional is necessary. In the late years man goes to beauty treatment salon as well as woman. It's the same thing as well as your car. The service name that the professional is called "Car Coating" and "Rainy Dance" means the car coating service up to the highest level performance.

We, Rainy Dance is a Philippine base company and we receive a full-scale backup from our Japan base company which is Hb Co.,ltd and we are proud that we do car coating of 100,000 cars in a year. And we are able to do the enforcement here in the Philippines by sending Japanese staff from Hb Co.,Ltd which in the first place they have the technique and experience that has been cultivated in Japan.

In addition, the materials and quality of our works are all the same in Japan. We can maintain it in our aftercare maintenance 2 months after the day of enforcement. In addition, we advise our clients very well on how to do the daily self-maintenance. In every car owner, they have their own safekeeping method. In this way, we can help them on how to maintain the beauty of their cars but we also do support for the “beauty” of each clients.

Please try our genuine car coating service and you will know the experience as what other clients had!

Car Coating Is…….
1.A service that an old car transforms into a luxurious effect and give a long lasting glow.
2.Most rated service approximately 65% of the cars in Japan.
3.The first ever japan quality service in the country today.

Rainy Dance Have…..
A full support from the most trusted and leading company in Japan.

  • Contact Person: Iimura Tateki
  • Telephone: 032-238-6021
  • Email: info@rainydance.com
  • Address: Ground Floor E Building M. Logarta St., Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu, Cebu City, Cebu, 6014

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